Thursday 19 May 2011

Netapp Disk Sanitization

I've been using a loan SAN from Netapp that I need to return.

During my attempts to sanitize the disks I removed some shelves that aren't being returned which caused a cluster failover (I didnt care!)

However the cluster licence had expired.. Long story short, I was at home and needed to kick this disk sanitizer off so it could run over the weekend, and I couldnt be bothered to go back into the office.

One filer was accesible and one wasnt so.. I added the eval cluster licence to the working node and did a cf giveback -f (which got it out of the takeover state)

I then needed to change the ownership of the disks (the purpose of this post).. so after a lot of head scratching I tried the privledged mode commands and got a working solution!

I ended up doing the following:

options disk.auto_assign off (probably didnt need to do this - force of habit)

priv set advanced
disk remove_ownership -f 0a.121 0c.123 etc
priv set
disk assign all
disk sanitize start -c 7 0a.121 0c.122

Update: The sanitization finished, so I wanted to run another set to keep our security guys happy, I ran the same sanitize command again, hoping it would
just happily run again, no such luck - "disk start: isn't a spare disk.". I then ran "disk assign all", this didn't work either it reported
"disk assign: Could not find any unowned disks to assign."

Running "Disk Show" showed all the disks that had been sanitized reported as being failed. hmm.. ok..
"Priv set advanced"
"disk unfail -s"
disk unfail: Can't unfail a sanitizing/sanitized disk.

Ok.. quick look at some documentation and you need to release the disk from the maintanance pool..

"disk sanitize release"

I then attempted "disk assign all" however it then reported that the disks had bad labels, hmm ok..
again I then did "disk unfail -s" which now worked as they all were added as spare disks..

I was then able to start the process over again, once this completes I will also zero the spares.


  1. Hi David - I wonder if I have your old loaner...same position I am in. Thanks for the post!

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