Tuesday 10 May 2011

Syncing Files with vb.net

This is a breif update to my rant the other day, I went away and looked at methods for doing what I wanted to achieve without having to rely on freeware utilities, scripts and reinventing the wheel.

Anyway whilst looking to see if there was anything available for .Net using RDC (Remote Differential Compression), My reason behind this was just because I have plenty of bandwidth (Over 1 gig) there was no reason to be sloppy. Google turned up the Microsoft Sync Framework SDK which looked just what I was after.

Ten lines of code or so later and I was able to sync a couple of folders locally which was a good step forward.

The next part it to watch the folder and trigger the sync which I am currently playing with the filesystemwatcher class.

I plan to post an update shortly when I've dealt with locked files etc!

1 comment:

  1. Did you get anywhere with this?

    I've recently just created a C# application which does precisely this - triggered by a FileSystemWatcher or a standard Timer (to mop up anything that goes under the radar).

    The only thing I've not yet looked into is using RDC, which would speed things up tremendously for my particular application (sending audio files over a network). I have a feeling so far that I'd need to implement a SimpleSyncProvider which has RDC built in - possibly a project for another time :)