Friday 1 October 2010

Resoving Systems Center Operations Manager Alerts via Email

A breif post, a few years ago I wrote a service for MOM to allow you to close alerts via email. I saw a supplier we use had this functionality in their alerting and I wanted it!

Anyway we since upgraded versions of exchange and also MOM to SCOM and then SCOM R2, so the service has gone through a few versions, for example having to swap from exchange WebDAV to Exchange web services.

The code isnt pretty, I'm not a developer, but as a Systems Admin the code works fine in my mind, uses hardly any memory, doesn't crash and needs no intervention from me!

I wrote it, use it daily and forgot about it!

Anyway apparently I overwrote the copy on my website with the latest version of my SCOM to EMC Infra connector (thats a post for another time)

Anyway the updated link is here:


  1. David, do you have any documentation for this software? I am very interested in trying it out in our environment

    Regards, Trond Hindenes

  2. I do but it needs updating, it was written for MOM2005! drop me a mail at david @ and Ill see what I can sort out for you.

  3. Thank you for posting it again. A lot of people are looking for this install you wrote. Could you please give a brief intro on how this thing work?