Thursday 5 May 2011


Well that will teach me not to test things properly, I was working on the assumption that I could use DFS-R to replicate some data from two servers in serperate DMZ's for resilience. Think again as 2008 R2 DFS-R seems to want the server to be a domain member, thanks MS!. So much for a standalone namespace. Back to the drawing board and I suspect I'll be looking at .NET and RDC if its supported!.

Hmm, I've got until monday and I'm not working tomorrow.. so a late night tonight maybe, or a rough and ready robocopy script scheduled to buy a little time, however those rough and ready 'work around' bodges have a nasty habit of becoming permanent and biting you in the arse in months or years to come!

Update: Looks like the Sync Framework is going to be the easiest way of doing this.

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